Patrick Mahomes, Coors Light introduce Coors Light Bear

Due to league contracts, regulations and red tape, star quarterback Patrick Mahomes can’t promote beer.

But he can promote…bear.

The MVP stars in a new ad alongside, well, a bear. Mahomes can’t promote Coors Light beer, a narrator says, but he can promote Coors Light Bear. The bear is Mahomes’ companion as he plays a round of golf, watches TV, hangs with friends and relaxes at the beach.

“Coors Light Bear. The world’s most refreshing bear,” Mahomes says in the ad.

Legal-age Coors Light fans can get their own Coors Light Bear, too. Starting June 15, a limited amount of golf club head covers designed to look like the Coors Light Bear are available on Coors Light’s online shop site.

“When I'm on the golf course, I always need my Coors Light Bear,” Mahomes says. “It’s great to work with one of my favorite brands, especially during the off-season when I can really find a moment to chill.” 

Coors Light and Mahomes came together last summer, as well, to introduce The Coors Light, a branded flashlight that Mahomes promoted in a similarly clever ad. In the spot, he reaches into a refrigerator only to pull out a long, silver flashlight.

Mahomes, known for his dazzling play on the gridiron, led his team to the league championship last year, and has celebrated Coors Light on social media, sharing photos of custom-made branded golf cleats, himself wearing the Coors Light onesie and a Coors Light-inspired birthday cake.

“We love that Patrick is such a huge fan of Coors Light,” says Katie Feldman, marketing director for Coors Light. “He may be serious on the football field, but when he’s chilling during the offseason, we’re proud that he chooses Coors Light, whether it’s the bear or the beer.”