Pilsner Urquell unveils holiday ‘snow globe for beer geeks’

There’s finally a snow globe for the geekiest of the beer geeks.

Pilsner Urquell, the Pilsner after which all others are modeled, is turning its signature dimpled mug into a “mugloo,” which the brand describes as a “mug-meets-igloo snow globe hybrid” that features a hand-painted sculpture depicting the brewery’s iconic gates in Plzeň, Czech Republic, affixed to a laser-etched wooden base. The globe is formed by an overturned, detachable Pilsner Urquell mug.

“Holiday gifting can feel like a lot of the same-old, same-old,” says Michelle Nagel, marketing manager for the brand. “Pilsner Urquell was looking to do something different this year, but still festive. What we came up with is a true beer geek’s snow globe, where you can take the mug off and fill it with the world’s first Pilsner.”

Each mugloo comes with a card with instructions on how to execute the perfect Pilsner pour at home, Nagel says.

Available in limited quantities until supplies last, the mugs are available exclusively at PilsnerUrquellMugloo.com for $24.99. The brand will promote the campaign on social media and via a set of beer influencers.

The mugloo gambit comes as the 178-year-old brand continues its hot streak in the off-premise this year, with sales volume up 20.5% year-to-date, according to Nielsen all-outlet and convenience data through Nov. 28. It has outpaced the overall beer industry in 2020, picking up a sliver of share. Over the last four weeks, it’s performed even better, up 37.1%, data show.

“We’re doing more than holding our own in the off-premise,” Nagel says. “This is a brand with a set of loyalists who are going to buy this beer no matter where they’re going to drink it – at a bar or at home.”