Staropramen 0.0 launches in U.K., Europe

With more beer drinkers worldwide reaching for non-alcohol options, Molson Coors Beverage Company is set to introduce Staropramen 0.0 across the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and parts of Central and Eastern Europe.

The beer is rolling out in March in select U.K. retailers after debuting in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania earlier this month.

Staropramen 0.0 is the result of more than two years of development by teams across regions, which worked to create a special brewing process that delivered not just the subtle sweet flavor and malty taste and aroma Staropramen is known for, but also 0.0% alcohol, as opposed to .5% or lower, which many non-alc beers achieve.

“This new addition to the Staropramen portfolio is a testament to our commitment to innovation and to our position as a global brand that can meet the evolving demands of consumers,” said Anita Kucic, Molson Coors’ chief commercial and strategy officer for the EMEA and APAC regions. “We are excited to continue to provide our consumers with great-tasting, high-quality beverages.”

Available in 330-milliliter glass bottles and 500-milliliter cans, Staropramen 0.0 aims to meet growing demand for more non-alc and world beers.

The addition of Staropramen 0.0 gives Molson Coors another low/no-alc option in its global portfolio, joining brands such as Cobra Zero in the U.K. and Fresh in Romania. In the U.S., Peroni 0.0 will soon join Coors Edge in the non-alc beer section.

The beer arrives as Molson Coors’ European portfolio grow its share of the premium market. Madrí Excepcional has been a hit with U.K. drinkers, while Staropramen’s Praha has similarly won over drinkers across Europe. Last year, it launched Staropramen 12 in the Czech Republic in an effort to reach a discerning beer-drinking population that was reaching for more high-gravity options.

“Staropramen 0.0 is really an innovation, giving drinkers the flavor and experience they expect from a Staropramen beer with zero alcohol,” Kucic says. “We want to provide a beverage for every occasion and Staropramen 0.0 helps us deliver on that.”