Steel Reserve debuts new packaging; folds Tiki Edition under Alloy Series

Steel Reserve is debuting a reformulated Tiki Series with a streamlined new look that aims to unify the brand with the Steel Reserve Alloy Series line of flavored malt beverages.

The flavor line extension, renamed Steel Reserve Alloy Series - Tiki Edition, is reducing its alcohol by volume in its cocktail-inspired Island Punch and Strawberry Daquiri flavors to 8% and dropping its price in line with the six flavors of the successful Alloy Series.

The Tiki Edition’s new, modernized look ditches the tiki-mask inspired iconography in favor of brighter colors and palm trees intended to evoke an island vibe and convey its cocktail-inspired flavors. The updated can design more clearly communicates flavors and ABV, two key factors that FMB consumers seek when they shop.

The rebrand and packaging makeover of the Tiki Edition is the first step into Steel Reserve Alloy Series’ first full brand refresh since its launch. The remainder of the series’ flavors are set to debut new packaging later this month. 

As part of its branding overhaul, Steel Reserve Alloy Series – Tiki Edition is adding 24-ounce cans, allowing for better brand blocking and a more cohesive look at retail. That’s critical to Steel Reserve’s “four-in-the-door” strategy, which is based on data that show retailers that carry four or more Steel Reserve products in a cooler door turn nearly three times faster than those that don’t.

“The goal of our new packaging is to give Alloy Series a modern facelift that appeals to the next generation of drinkers and to help it better break through in the crowded C-store cooler door,” says Rachel Rogers, associate marketing manager for the brand.

“Outlets that carry four or more Alloy Series flavors catch drinkers’ eyes, and as a result turn three times faster,” she says.

Along with Miller High Life, Keystone Light and Icehouse, Steel Reserve plays a key role in Molson Coors’ economy brand strategy with its bold flavors and C-store focus.