Steel Reserve adds Spiked Orange Soda flavor to Alloy Series

Add Orange Soda to the Steel Reserve roster.

The newest addition to the Steel Reserve Alloy Series lineup draws inspiration from the popular soft drink that’s delighted tastebuds for decades. Steel Reserve Spiked Orange Soda is slated to hit retailers nationwide starting next week, replacing the Tangerine variety in the Alloy Series.

“If you love orange soda, this flavor will be incredibly familiar. Consumers often describe Steel Reserve Alloy Series as a soda with alcohol, which inspired this new flavor," says Rachel Rogers, associate marketing manager for Steel Reserve. “There’s been a lot of blurring of lines and non-alcohol inspiration in the category, and we knew this is something that would attract our drinkers.”

The 8% alcohol-by-volume Steel Reserve Orange Soda will be sold in 16- and 24-ounce single cans, joining Hard Pineapple, Spiked Blue Razz, BLK Berry, Spiked Watermelon and Spiked Strawberry Burst in the Alloy Series lineup.

To celebrate the launch, the brand is giving legal-age drinkers a chance to win $1,000 cash. Beginning Sept. 15, consumers can scan a QR code at retail or go online for a chance to enter.

Steel Reserve and its corps of flavorful, high-ABV malt beverages is a key pillar of Molson Coors Beverage Company’s economy beer portfolio. Its popular Alloy Series was joined last year by its 10%-ABV Tiki Series, an offering that appeals to drinkers who want a flavorful beverage at home or the go.

“This is a segment with loads of potential, and Spiked Orange Soda is one of the most exciting launches we’ve had in a while,” Rogers says. “We’re excited for people to try it.”