In Canada, Vizzy named exclusive hard seltzer of women’s pro hockey tour

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Vizzy Hard Seltzer, one of the top hard seltzer brands in Canada, has been named the exclusive hard seltzer of the Professional Women’s Hockey Players’ Association tour.

The tour features more than 100 of the top women’s hockey players in Canada and the U.S., many of whom have represented their countries on the game’s biggest stages. The tour kicks off this weekend with games in Montreal and continues in Nova Scotia and Pittsburgh next month. Past tours have brought games to cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Vizzy, the No. 5 hard seltzer in Canada, has made inclusivity a key part of its brand identity. In Canada, for instance, it’s worked to provide resources to and increase visibility of LGBTQ+ artists.

Bolstering support of women’s professional hockey fits perfectly within its focus on inclusivity, says Brian Collins, director of partnerships and events for Molson Coors Beverage Company.

Despite a wealth of talent that’s made Canada and the U.S. the two dominant countries in women’s hockey, the sport has struggled to gain a foothold in North America. Vizzy hopes to help change that, Collins says.

“We’re excited to extend our allyship and support to professional women’s hockey – a clear passion point for Canadians – through the great work of the PWHPA,” he says.

As part of the partnership, Vizzy is the tour’s exclusive hard seltzer, and will show up with arena branding, social media assets, player appearances, in-game announcements and more.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Vizzy as our latest partner, a brand that shares our vision for professional women’s hockey,” says Jayna Hefford, PWHPA operations consultant. “This partnership will provide PWHPA players with further opportunities, which will help continue to grow the game.”