Coors Pure debuts first ads celebrating everyday accomplishments

Coors Pure, the first USDA-certified organic beer from Molson Coors Beverage Company, is out with its first series of ads that seek to catapult brand awareness just in time for summer.

Featuring comedienne Ali Wong, a star known for her unfiltered comedy specials, as the voice of Coors Pure, the new spots tout the brand’s organic credentials with a dash of knowing humor.

Vignettes celebrating a suburban mom getting in a “walk/run” and a man who updates his home office with a standing desk (because “sitting desks are bad now,” he deadpans) aim to show everyday people getting in some exercise when they can.

Their reward at the end of the day? A cold Coors Pure, “because you tried today.” The ads end with the brand’s tagline: “It’s organic but chill about it.” 


“We wanted something to make Coors Pure stand out in the above premium beer space, and we wanted to make it relatable,” says Nigel Jones, senior marketing manager for Coors Pure. “The tone is approachable and chill. It’s all about just being able to provide positive affirmations to people who are making smart and healthy choices throughout the day.” 

The national ad campaign debuted this week on TV, streaming services and digital media. It will be seen most prominently during late-night talk shows and will air across more time slots this summer.

Coors Pure’s campaign also has digital components targeting consumers interested in wellness and organic products, Jones says. 

Made with organic hops, organic barley and water, Coors Pure launched in March positioned as a sessionable, above-premium beer that meets consumers’ desire for better-for-you products. The 92-calorie light lager is available nationally. A citrus version is available to drinkers in the Northeast U.S. Coors Pure has zero sugar and checks in a 3.8% alcohol by volume. 

“We’re feeling really good about Coors Pure’s progress,” says Jones, noting that the brand is meeting sales expectations, with 12-packs of its core flavor exceeding forecasts by 24%.

While Coors Pure competes with Michelob Ultra Pure Gold for consumers, it’s priced in line with Michelob Ultra, which is 20% less expensive. 

“We know there are plenty of consumers who take fitness seriously but aren’t trying to set world records,” Jones says. “We want them to know that Coors Pure is an organic, zero-sugar beer that fits their lifestyle.”