In Canada, Coors Seltzer’s new ads celebrate millennials’ ‘wild’ times

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Foam parties? No way.

Lawn maintenance? Check.

Coors Seltzer’s new ads in Canada celebrate a new kind of “wild” for millennials.

The new spots, which will air on TV and digital and social channels across Canada, are aimed at a 30-35-year-old millennial audience that emerged as particularly loyal fans in Coors Seltzer’s first year on the market, says Michelle Sowinski, senior marketing manager for Coors Seltzer.

“This is an age group that doesn’t feel like they have a seltzer in the market. No one else is speaking to them,” she says. “So, we’ve found a cheeky, fun way to play up and celebrate this time in our consumers’ lives when things are even crazier than in their 20s – just in a different way.”

In one ad, a homeowner enjoys a Coors Seltzer after somehow successfully trimming a tree with his new chainsaw. In another, a couple relaxes over a Coors Seltzer after securing a big bank loan for their modest new home.

“Things are a different kind of wild as you get older,” Sowinski says.

Coors Seltzer shot out of the gate when it was introduced last summer, alongside Vizzy Hard Seltzer. The pair quickly won over drinkers, winning more than a combined 9 share of the market in 2021, according to internal data. With the launch of Topo Chico Hard Seltzer this month and Molson Coors’ $100 million investment in hard seltzer production capacity at its Toronto brewery, the company’s share of the Canadian hard seltzer market is poised to keep growing.

Millennials, Sowinski says, appreciated the brand’s environmental message, but were also attracted by the familiarity of the Coors brand.

“These are consumers who know the Coors brand,” she says. “Just like Gen Z, they want to try new products and flavors, but they are looking for brands they trust. They want dependability and brands that will deliver what they know and love.”

Coors Seltzer recently launched a second variety pack in Canada, called the Splash Pack. It’s had favorable early returns since its launch in April, Sowinski says. Now the brand has ambitions to be the country’s top hard seltzer brand tied to a beer brand.

“Last year, we had the right flavors in the right places with the right price,” she says. “Now we’re looking to grab our fair share of the market.”