Miller Lite debuts ‘Summer Loves Beer’ program, Americana packaging

There’s a reason seltzer gardens don’t exist.

“There are many times when only a beer will do,” says Anne Pando, director of marketing for Miller Lite.

That’s the thrust of Miller Lite’s summer marketing program – its biggest in years in size and scope – dubbed “Summer Loves Beer,” which celebrates summer moments and great taste, namely Miller Lite’s.

The program will continue throughout the summer, with new marketing events every month, consumer giveaways – including a chance for Miller Lite to cover the tabs of legal-age drinkers – and new “Summer Loves Beer” retail tools.

It also underscores Miller Lite’s flavor credentials, the key theme of its latest marketing campaign, called “Tastes Like Miller Time.” The campaign features localized marketing assets andl as a pair of ads that take veiled aim at Michelob Ultra’s positioning as the beer for active set, despite it have just one calorie less than Miller Lite.

The program with the release of Miller Lite’s popular Americana packaging, which includes the return of its white pint this summer. Its secondary packaging again features the stars and stripes, making it easy for retailers to create eye-catching floor displays.

“It’s some of the most popular packaging out there,” Pando says. “Every year, we look forward to seeing what kind of amazing displays our distributors and retailers come up with to celebrate summer holidays – and we know this year will be no different.”

“Whether you’re firing up the grill, celebrating with Dad or just hanging out with your favorite people, nothing goes better with summer than Miller Lite, and we’re excited to show our drinkers all the ways they can do that,” Pando says.

And while Miller Lite has always prided itself on the flavor of its beer, it’s taking it one step further, with the introduction of Beercoal, charcoal infused with Miller Lite that adds a new element to summer grilling.

“Grilling and beer are a classic summertime pairing, and now, with the first-ever beer-infused charcoal, we’ve combined them to really create the taste of summer,” Pando says.

The Beercoal, 4-pound bags of which are available starting Tuesday on Miller Lite’s e-commerce site for $11.99, is the first wave of the “Summer Loves Beer” program.

“Summer is all about beer and beer moments, from grilling to Father’s Day and family time outside,” Pando says. “‘Summer Loves Beer’ is a really simple way to showcase those moments when it just feels like the right time for a Miller Lite.”

The summer kick off comes as Miller Lite finished the first quarter strong. Along  with Coors Light, the two powerhouse brands, generated their best combined industry share performance in five years. Miller Lite grew revenue by more than 7% in 2021 and continued to grow through the first quarter of 2022.

Meanwhile, Miller Lite has picked up nearly a point of volume share in the premium lights segment, and a tenth of a point in the overall beer industry for the four weeks that ended May 15, according to IRI multi-outlet and convenience store data.

“Miller Lite is a strong brand that people love. In fact, more and more drinkers are considering Miller Lite,” Pando says. “We hope that continues, and we think our summer plans will contribute to growth.”