Miller Lite creates first-ever beer registry for new dads

Generations of dads have reached for Miller Lite, and this year, the brand is recruiting a new crop with the introduction of the first-of-its-kind Miller Lite Beer Registry.

“This Father’s Day, we want to celebrate all dads – even the ones who haven’t officially been bestowed the title yet,” says Annette Marroquin-Perfetti, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite. “By signing up on the Miller Lite Beer Registry, they can tell their friends what they really want for Father’s Day: Miller Lite.”

Starting June 13, when dads-to-be visit, they can register for an array of offerings, such as the Oh Baby! six-pack, the Long Weekend 12-pack or the Golf Bag Essentials Pack of nine aluminum pints. The registry also gives young, legal-age dads something to look forward to, with Miller Lite’s Beer Bond, a realistic – but non-binding – contract between friends that matures in 21 years.

“Miller Lite is beer that’s bonded generations together, and we want new dads to have a gift not just for Father’s Day this year, but in 2043, as well,” Marroquin says. There are 1,200 Miller Lite Beer Bonds available, including 200 that are custom framed ($15) and 1,000 unframed ($5).

The registry has some star power behind it, too, with country music star, noted Miller Lite fan and expectant father Luke Combs working with the brand to promote it. Combs will support the registry through social media posts, and he is also featured on a bespoke can Miller Lite designed for the singer featuring his lyrics, “beer never broke my heart.”

The Father’s Day registry is Miller Lite’s latest effort to own summer’s major holidays, part of a marketing program called “Summer Loves Beer,” the brand’s largest summer program in years. Miller Lite’s summer marketing plan leans heavily on its taste credentials, which will be highlighted in dozens of marketing events planned throughout the summer, including its recently released Miller Lite-infused charcoal.

With its famous Americana packaging, which makes for eye-catching displays at retail, Miller Lite has the wind at its back heading into summer. The brand has picked up nearly a point of share in the premium lights segment and is gaining share of total beer in the four weeks ending May 29, according to IRI data.

Much of that share appears to be coming from chief competitor Bud Light, which has shed 1.4 points of share in its segment over the same time period, per IRI. 

For the year, Miller Lite and portfolio partner Coors Light have picked up a combined 1 point of share in the premium lights segment, while Bud Light has dipped by 1 point, per IRI.

One way to keep growing share is by bringing in new drinkers, hence the overture to new dads, Marroquin says.

“Miller Lite’s always been a dad’s beer,” she says. “We want to make sure new dads feel the same way about Miller Lite as their forefathers have for more than 45 years.”