Global music icon J Balvin stars in new Miller Lite ad

Jose Time is coming to TV.

Miller Lite’s new partnership with J Balvin, the chart-topping global megastar, kicks off in earnest this week with its first in a series of bilingual ads hitting airwaves across the United States.

The new spots, which are launching across TV, streaming services, social media and other mediums, show J Balvin – aka Jose – in a relatively everyman light, hosting friends at a cookout and pool party.

Rather than the extravagance one might expect at a superstar’s backyard bash, Jose goes with the flow when things go wrong. In the spot airing this week, he’s grilling steaks, but a mishap turns the meat to char. In the other, a friend asks him to toss her a Miller Lite, but his errant throw wildly misses the mark.

But, Jose being Jose, he shrugs the accidents off and embraces the moment for what it is: a connection between friends.

“What we love about J Balvin is how he celebrates meaningful moments with his gente, the people he loves most,” says Elizabeth Hitch, senior director of marketing for Miller Lite. “Just like Miller Time, Jose Time is when Jose kicks back, sharing real moments with his friends.”

The spots are the second major push of Miller Lite and J Balvin’s “Es Jose Time” campaign, which represents Miller Lite’s largest-ever investment to reach Latino drinkers, a key and growing demographic that now makes up nearly 20% of the U.S. population. Linking up with the biggest Latino star around is a big bet, Hitch says.

“Winning with Latinos has always been a big imperative for Miller Lite, but we knew in order to move the needle, we had to go bigger,” she says. “We have to make a big play to go after this critical group of drinkers, which is extremely powerful and a huge opportunity for the brand.”

In the campaign, the star sheds his on-stage persona and shares his off-stage life as Jose with his fans.

J Balvin, whose real name is Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin, is known to his 100 million+ social media followers for his candor and authenticity, making him a perfect ambassador for Miller Time.

The brand first connected with J Balvin in August with the release of limited-edition promotional cans featuring the musician’s signature lightning bolt and colorful flair. Fans can visit to win Miller Lite/J Balvin merchandise, as well.