Breakfast is served: Molson makes beer-infused maple syrup to help Canadians cheer on Team Canada

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Rooting for Team Canada in this month’s Olympic Winter Games will mean setting the alarm clock a bit earlier, and Molson has plans to be there when fans tune in with Molson Maple Beerup, a line of beer-infused maple syrups.

With more than 80 percent of the medal ceremonies or finals in the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games scheduled to take place between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m. in Canada, Molson, the official beer of Team Canada since 2004, worked with Quebec-based syrup company Bretelles to develop a breakfast-appropriate alternative to beer.

“Canadians are used to cheering on Team Canada with a beer in hand, but with events taking place in the morning, this is a way for Canadians to still root for our athletes with Molson,” says Katie Rankin, senior marketing manager for Molson brands. “Molson Maple Beerup will be the sweet wake-up call fans can enjoy in the morning.”

The Maple Beerup line infuses Molson beers into Quebec maple syrup. The Dark Grade is infused with Molson Export and has a rich maple flavour; the Amber Grade is full-bodied and infused with Molson Canadian; and the Golden Grade is infused with Molson Ultra and has a lighter flavour.

The limited-edition Molson Maple Beerup is available through an online sweepstakes. From Feb. 4 to 17, Canadians can visit and enter for a chance to win. Molson will donate $5 with every contest entry received to the Canadian Olympic Foundation in support of Team Canada athletes, up to a maximum of $10,000.

“Canadians are so excited to support our athletes as they take on the world stage in these Olympic Winter Games,” Rankin says. “Pairing Molson Maple Beerup with your morning pancakes is a unique way for Canadians to rep our home as Team Canada goes for gold.”