Coors Light aims to bring ‘Chill’ to football with new fall campaign

Since it launched in late 2019, Coors Light’s “Made to Chill” campaign has aimed to relate to everyday consumers under the simple premise that everyone needs a moment to disconnect from the pressures of life and unwind. Or, as the brand says, “Chill.”  

This fall, the brand is bringing its world of “Made to Chill” to football, one its primary marketing pillars that serves as a key element to connecting with legal-aged drinkers. 

Coors Light this weekend is hitting the airwaves with the latest volley in the campaign — a new spot featuring two rival college football mascots sharing a Coors Light in the locker room following a game.

The spot, which will air during college and pro football games on ESPN, ABC, CBS, FOX and FS1, as well as on social and streaming platforms, aims to unite what appear to be two warring emotional states: the excitement of football and the chill refreshment of Coors Light, says Marcelo Pascoa, vice president of marketing for the Coors family of brands. 

“When it comes to football advertising, most brands tend to be pretty un-chill. It’s often about being loud and over the top. But we believe that every occasion can be better when you give people a moment to refresh their body and spirit,” Pascoa says. “What we’re showing here is a very relatable situation for everyone. It’s all about getting off work and finding that moment to give yourself the opportunity to chill, to refresh yourself physically and emotionally after a hard day’s work.” 

When fans see the spot, which ends with the tagline: "The Official Beer of Being Off the Clock", “people can relate to it, and say, ‘Oh my God, that is me. That’s exactly how I feel after an intense day of work,’” he says. 

The mascot ad is a piece of the brand’s fall football campaign, which contains a series of programs and other elements that aim to reach Coors Light’s target consumers: legal-age drinkers aged 21 to 34.

Along with March Madness, summer and holiday, football is a key season for the brand. This year it has alliances with 35 colleges or universities, an ongoing partnership with football commentator Kirk Herbstreit and is the official sponsor of ESPN College Gameday’s Selection Saturdays segment. 

It also launched in August a branded weighted hoodie meant to help college football fans relieve the stress of game days. 

Coors Light also has inked a partnership with Barstool Sports’ Pardon My Take, which integrates the brand into its programming and has additional plans throughout the rest of the year. 

“For us, our college football partnerships have a clear focus and make a lot of sense because we’re seeking to connect with those younger, legal-age drinkers,” Pascoa says. “And our campaign shows people that you can have these amazing moments of chill when watching your favorite team playing. And that feeling is very transferable – from football to other sports to life itself.”