Sol introduces sweet, tangy Mango y Chamoy Chelada

Sol Chelada is kicking up the flavor with the addition of a new variety that’s set to debut in September: Sol Chelada Mango y Chamoy.

Sol Chelada Mango y Chamoy brings together a complex combination of flavors, with juicy mango and the tang of chamoy, a popular condiment used to dress drinks in Mexico that is a mixture of fermented fruits, dried chilis and lime juice.

“It’s got a really unique flavor profile. It’s sweet, sour, salty and spicy, all at the same time," says Kacy Raffe, associate marketing manager for Sol. “Adding chamoy to the rim of a glass or even right on our cans is a serving ritual that’s already practiced by Sol and chelada drinkers right now, so we’re excited to bring the same flavor experience in a ready-to-drink format. There’s nothing else like it in the U.S.”

The new beverage, which checks in at 3.5% alcohol by volume, will be sold in 24-ounce singles in Sol’s key markets, including the Pacific and Central regions (with the exception of Utah), as well as Chicago, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota. And Sol, which sponsors popular regional Mexican band Banda MS’s North American tour, aims to drive sampling of Mango y Chamoy during the band’s concerts.

With the addition of Mango y Chamoy, Sol is beefing up its portfolio in an effort to not only recruit new drinkers, but also to grab share in the growing chelada segment. Year-to-date, the segment has grown dollar sales 10.5% through July 3, according to IRI multi-outlet and convenience store data.

Sol Chelada also is growing, with dollar sales up 9.9% through July 3.

The franchise flagship has built momentum since the introduction of its 12-pack, which launched in the Pacific region last year. With the 12-pack’s expansion into the Central region and parts of the Great Lakes region, it’s grown volume by more than 185.5%, according to IRI multi-outlet and convenience store data through July 3.

Meanwhile, key competitors Bud Light Chelada and Budweiser Chelada, the segment’s second- and third-selling brands, have booked volume declines of 12.6% and 19.7%, respectively, according to IRI.

Sol, which is sold and distributed in the U.S. by Molson Coors, is the top-selling chelada brand in Mexico, where the brand has a heritage reaching back more than 120 years.

“The Sol brand was born in the heart of Mexico in 1899. It has an amazing story and such deep lineage in Mexico,” Raffe says. “With Mango y Chamoy, it’s even better positioned to win over drinkers here in the U.S.”