ZOA launches ‘The Rock’s Warriors’ with seven top college athletes

ZOA Energy is launching a new program called “The Rock’s Warriors” that celebrates the accomplishments of top college athletes who exemplify optimism, enthusiasm and a commitment to striving for something bigger, the brand announced this week.

Seven college athletes are part of the program’s first class, which represents ZOA’s first NIL deal, allowing it to compensate athletes for the use of their name, image and likeness. The seven athletes are: Angel Reese (basketball, Louisiana State University), Hansel Enmanuel (basketball, Austin Peay State University), Brock Bowers (football, University of Georgia), Marvin Harrison Jr. (football, Ohio State University), Drake Maye (football, University of North Carolina), Kam Kinchens (football, University of Miami) and Amaya Gainer (softball, Florida A&M).

“I know from experience the grit and hard work that's required of these college athletes to get the job done. Not just during their championship games or in the classrooms, but every day in the game of life,” said ZOA co-founder and Chief Energy Officer Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who played college football at Miami. “ZOA gives people that power, that unique energy to fuel themselves and fuel others around them – that's why I'm super pumped about uniting all of The Rock's Warriors under one roof.” 

For the athletes, working with ZOA means succeeding beyond the playing field.

"ZOA is all about being authentic and going beyond the individual to contribute to something bigger, which drew me in because I have always fought to beat people's perceptions of me and to empower athletes like myself," said Hansel Enmanuel, who plays basketball at Austin Peay State University. "Collaborating with The Rock and the other Warriors is an amazing platform and program for me to help other athletes strive for greatness, too."

“The Rock’s Warriors” will lead ZOA’s new marketing program and create content across social media platforms. They’ll also support the brand’s national and regional retail partnerships and philanthropic events.           

The NIL partnership follows the launch of ZOA’s “Fuel Something Bigger” campaign earlier this summer, which celebrated “everyday warriors.” It includes a new TV spot and a vibrant new look. ZOA swapped out its 16-ounce black cans for colorful 12-ounce slim cans that reflect its appeal to a wider audience and more occasions.

The zero-sugar energy drink has shattered records since its 2022 launch. It was the fastest energy drink to net $100 million in sales, quickly becoming a top-20 product, despite limited distribution.