Miller High Life jingle gets an update with new ads

When you’ve been around for 116 years, there’s always someone new to meet.

Miller High Life, one of few American beers that deserves the “iconic” label, is out with new television ads that put a new spin on its classic jingle.

The legendary American lager is targeting a new generation of drinkers — 25- to 34-year-old drinkers, the “more mature, slightly older millennials” — with a new round of creative for the Champagne of Beers that imbues its classic jingle with a more modern approach, says Nigel Jones, marketing manager for the brand. The goal is to appeal to younger legal-age drinkers while reminding its core drinkers that Miller High Life is a brand that stands the test of time.

"The idea of turning over the High Life jingle to a new artist was something we thought about for a long time," Jones says. "But once we heard the new takes, it became obvious we had the right idea."

After reviewing a slate of “very different takes” on the jingle from five artists, Miller High Life chose a version from Brooklyn-based indie rock group Jeremy & The Harlequins, “which did a great job modernizing the song while staying true to the original version,” Jones says.

The first of two new 15-second television spots debuted this month on cable channels, with a goal of bringing “fresh consistency to our campaign that began in late 2016 to reintroduce drinkers to this brand’s heritage and story in a modernized way,” Jones says.

Both spots, which feature the Miller High Life bottle, focus on the beer’s attributes — its historic roots, along with its balance and easy drinking nature — and finish with the tagline “Welcome to the High Life.” The second spot is scheduled to hit this summer. Both are slated to run through September.


The ads thrust front and center the distinctive Miller High Life bottle, a differentiation point in the marketplace and in the on-premise, a key priority for the brand, Jones says. “Our bottles really help set us apart from other beers in this category,” he says. “They celebrate the idea that this is the Champagne of Beers and showcase our clear, golden beer with Champagne-like bubbles that’s crisp and refreshing.”

Miller High Life, long a favorite among chefs and bartenders, is the sixth-fastest growing beer in bars, restaurants and taverns through the first two months of 2019 as measured by case volume, up 3.8%, according to Nielsen data.

“We’re very excited about the momentum we’re seeing in the channel, and our goal is to make this an even bigger on-premise brand for the company,” Jones says.

That in mind, High Life this year is engaging more with the service industry with events like bartender appreciation nights that it’s holding in five high-volume cities this year.

The campaign also includes targeted digital, social, point-of-sale and out-of-home advertising, including hand-painted murals in high-density areas.

It’s all part of an effort to illustrate that Miller High Life “is the kind of brand that fits in the diviest of the dive bars just as well as it fits in the highest-end craft beer and craft cocktail bars in the country,” Jones says.